Murder? That’s a messed up obsession.

I love murder.

Well, I love reading about it. And talking about it, listening to podcasts about it and watching tv shows and documentaries about it. Serial killers, famous unsolved murders, you name it. I don’t remember when I first realized my love for true crime, but my friends and family are so aware of my interest in it that one year for my birthday, my sister bought me a notepad shaped like a chalk outline.

"Murder Ink" by Fred & Friends

“Murder Ink” by Fred & Friends

Recently I have experienced a revival of sorts due to a podcast my co-worker introduced me to called My Favorite Murder. The podcast is run by two women who love to talk about their favorite murders and are delighted to learn that other people they know share this passion. They ask for listener submissions of the worst murders in their hometowns and discuss every case in a hilariously off-color way. I listen to it while I’m cooking, at the gym, etc.

I’m a journalism major and advertising minor who isn’t sure if she wants to go into either of those fields post-grad. I very much enjoy consuming media of all types and always try to stay informed on news and pop culture. This is true of both current culture (memes, the election, etc.) but also of major cultural events in the past, like the murder of JonBenét Ramsey. My first memory of that case is seeing a 10-year anniversary news report with closed captions on a tv in a busy airport. I was on my way home from my mom’s cousin’s wedding in St. Louis, with my parents and sister, and I read the captions on the screen while we waited to board our flight.

Since then, I’ve read and heard more about it occasionally, but haven’t been obsessed with it. When all four of the television specials about the murder air this year for the 20th anniversary, I will probably be glued to my laptop, obsessively tracking the details and composing a narrative in my head of who I think killed her.

I don’t have a preference for solved or unsolved cases, just the ones with the craziest juicy details. If it’s a one-off case, I like it to be a messed up as possible. If it’s a serial killer, it can be a bit more mundane. Honestly I can’t tell you why I love murder so much.

With this blog, I hope to learn more about why people are so captivated by true crime, myself included. What it is about hearing the grisly details that is so enticing? Why do we have a fascination for an act so heinous, we can’t even begin to imagine committing it ourselves?

Maybe I’ll understand why at some point. But even when I do, I’ll keep being obsessed with murder.

— Caroline

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