What happens in Perugia never stays in Perugia



Even before the release of the Netflix documentary, Amanda Knox was a household name. Her case is polarizing and most people have a strong opinion on her innocence or guilt. I was personally captivated by the documentary and it changed my view, as it did for many others. On Storify, I created a narrative of public opinion of Knox’s guilt (or lack thereof) before and after the release of the documentary, as well as some of the reactions to it. 

I want to make sure to mention Meredith Kercher, who is not a household name, but should be. The country knows Amanda Knox, but rarely can someone name her roommate who tragically lost her life. No matter if you believe Knox is guilty or innocent, there was a victim in all of this. Meredith Kercher was British student, age 21, who was found dead in the apartment she shared with Amanda Knox in Perugia, Italy on November 1, 2007. Rudy Guede was found guilty and charged for her murder, but has never confessed. His final sentence was 16 years in prison, making his release date 2024.



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