Cracking down on cold cases

Murder is fascinating. Serial killers are fascinating. It’s difficult to not be curious about what makes people do such awful things.

However, when we get caught up in the stories of the strangest murders or prolific serial killers, we forget that these stories only exist because people lost their lives. Families lost sons and daughters, mothers and fathers. In quite a few cases, the killer become famous and the victims are forgotten. For example, the Zodiac Killer. I could tell you many details of that case, but not a single victim’s name. Or in the case of Amanda Knox, who I discussed in my last blog post. Her roommate, Meredith Kercher, is rarely mentioned when Knox’s infamous case comes up. People forget that no matter how gruesome the killing was, how suspicious Knox and her boyfriend seemed at the time, a young woman was still dead.

It’s no secret that there are more missing persons, rape and murder cases than there are law enforcement officers. Resources and manpower have a limit and the longer the case goes unsolved, the harder it is to find new information.

For my final project in the class this blog was created for, I want to create a resource that enables true crime fanatics like myself to not only listen to these stories and derive entertainment from them, but also do something about the problem. Just like with any problem in society, there are things we can do, no matter how small. Turning off the water when you brush your teeth helps conserve water and the more people who do it, the more water is conserved. Who’s to say that small acts, like reporting suspicious behavior or donating blood can’t help catch criminals or aide victims and their families?

I will create this resource through a Wix site and include hyperlinks to other websites that share the same goal: to unfreeze some of the many cold cases and help those suffering from the repercussions of these terrible crimes. I may also create a Facebook and/or Twitter page to further the reach of this project.

As fascinating as it is, the world needs less death and more compassion.

I will post an update here when the site is up and running. If you have any suggestions or resources to recommend I add to my project, feel free to comment below.

— Caroline


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