My name is Caroline and I love true crime. However, I don’t want to be murdered, so that’s where the personal details stop.

Cartoon from Pinterest, artist unknown.

This blog was designed for a college course, but I might take it further than that. Only time will tell. Many of the posts will follow the outline of an assignment, but if I have any free time (not likely), I might jazz it up with some posts about my favorite murders, cool places to learn about true crime or other things relating to the general topic.

If you have a favorite murder blog you’d think I like, or some other form of “murder media” (podcast, Youtube video, tv show, etc.), please comment with it below! Also feel free to comment on my posts if you have any theories or thoughts you’d like to share.

[I would also like to make it clear that while I am fascinated by true crime and what motivates people to do such horrible things, I do not support murder or any other awful crime, nor do I idolize or respect notorious criminals and serial killers. This disclaimer is necessary because unfortunately, some people do fangirl/fanboy over killers. ]